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Compello Standard Solutions – easy and inexpensive.

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Compello EDI, Invoice Approval and eInvoice

You want to focus on business. - Let us automate your invoice processes!

Automate your invoice processes - Compello has the solutions to cover your advanced needs. 

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Compello develops and delivers solutions for EDI, eInvoice and Invoice Approval

Check how solutions from Compello can simplify your working life!

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Compello EDI

Compello EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provides software for companies that want to communicate with other businesses online, system to system. EDI serves as a common interface between two or more computer systems. Compello EDI can read and understand different data files so that they can be passed between these different systems, without manual intervention.

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Compello eInvoice

Compello eInvoice is a complete managed service for businesses and individuals for sending and receiving invoices. Sending and receiving invoices through Compello eInvoice gives customers an overview of all received and issued invoices, regardless of whether the invoice format is electronic or paper.

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Compello Invoice Approval

Compello Invoice Approval is the leading solution for companies that want to streamline their internal billing process by using electronic invoicing. The solution includes features for scanning, invoice interpretation, certification, approval and transfer to an accounting system.

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