Extenda Retail: implemented new invoice receiption in 14 days

Extenda Retail needed an invoice reception that could easily integrate with Business Central - and that worked smoothly in several countries. They chose a standard solution from Compello that was easy to implement, in record time.

Compello Webmaster
20. January 2020

With over 40 years of experience, Extenda Retail are experts in developing digital tools for retail. They are mainly on the Nordic market, and were acquired by STG Partners to be developed and go international.


New ERP system required a user-friendly, app-based invoice reception - all in the cloud. The project managers were also looking for a smooth integration that would work in several countries.


Standard solution for invoice reception and handling, which was in place within two weeks.

Anyone who works with trading companies in the Nordic region knows that it is under demanding conditions: relatively small markets, large distances, demanding logistics and high costs. This places a high demand on efficiency. Nordic retail is world-class in using digitalisation for efficient operations.

Extenda Retail are experts in developing digital tools for retail. They are so good that they were noticed on the other side of the Atlantic and acquired by the American Private Equity company STG Partners. An owner who buys companies to be developed into international stars.

Extenda Retail was established in 2018, following a merger of Swedish and Norwegian companies with as much as 40 years of retail experience. Following the merger, the new company had to make several important choices - including the choice of financial and other systems.

Chose an invoice receiption with easy, fast integration

The choice was the ERP system Business Central from Microsoft, now they were equipped for international expansion. But what should they choose to streamline invoice receiption and invoice approval? Handling of incoming invoices requires a solution that takes into account both national regulatory requirements and at the same time has a good integration with your ERP system.

Compello Webmaster
20. January 2020

«We chose Compello's solution because it was a standard solution without much need of tailoring. Everything was in place within two weeks.»

- Annelie Ehn, Extenda Retail Sverige

We had a chat with Annelie Ehn and Anette Hisdal in Extenda Retail. The project managers in Sweden and Norway.

- We were looking for a solution that is as good to work with as Business Central. The solution should be app-based, in the cloud and user-friendly for our finance staff, says Ehn.

- In Norway we already had experience with Compello, from when we worked in another ERP system. The way Compello moved us from an on-premises solution to the cloud was a very positive experience, which required little effort on our part, says Hisdal.

A positive surprise

Ehn did not know Compello very well, but she was quickly impressed by the integration with Business Central:

- We chose Compello's solution because it was a standard solution without much need for tailoring. However, I have extensive experience with complications that still come in the process of integrating ERP systems with third-party solutions for invoice management. Therefore, I was prepared for this to take time.

- That everything was in place within two weeks, was therefore a big and positive surprise. Not only does it show good technical system understanding, Compello was also very quick to respond to the small obstacles that always come along the way, she says.

Hisdal says that the experience she previously had from the transition from on-prem to the cloud, also applied to putting solutions in place in both Sweden and Norway.

- For those of us who work full time to introduce a new core system in a new organization, it is good to have a partner that we can trust to do the job correctly and quickly in both countries. It has great value for the employees of Extenda Retail, in addition to the financial gains that we are able to create in the form of more efficient financial management.

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