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What is a PEPPOL BIS invoice?

A European format to send invoices digitally. The PEPPOL format also applies when sending other business documents. Sending invoices digitally cuts cost, is more efficient and you get paid faster. 

The current format is PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0. It was implemented in January 2019. It is mandatory in EU, that means you can send and receive e-Invoices across Europe. PEPPOL BIS stands for Pan-European Public Procurement Online Business Interoperability Specifications.

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How to send an invoice digitally?

To send or receive an invoice digitally you need an access point. It is like a digital post office for your invoices. You can use our access point regardless of company size, financial system or invoice volume.

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Who can receive a PEPPOL BIS invoice?

Most of Europe and other countries. All countries that can receive PEPPOL BIS invoices are registered at 

Compello Samtale 9176 (2)

Why use a Compello access point?

Compello is Norway's second largest invoice issuer, thus we offer low prices. You also get an access point that supports most PEPPOL formats and other PEPPOL documents: - PEPPOL invoice and credit note - PEPPOL BIS 3.0 - Digital reminder - Order (including dispatch of order confirmation) - Packing slip - Catalog (including confirmation of sending)

Does your company send thousands of invoices?

It pays off to automate the job. The Compello SEND service sends your invoices automatically in the channel that is most cost-efficient.

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