Save up to 85% by sending invoices digitally

Reduce cost and get paid faster.


Send invoices more efficiently

Do you send more than 1,500 invoices a month or over 20,000 invoices a year? Compello is a service that makes it easy to send many invoices, in fact it cuts almost all manual invoicing tasks. You save a lot of time and money, and increase the number of customers that pay in time.

from 2 weeks


in the cloud

always latest version

99,97% uptime

stable service

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Better liquidity

Your invoices are automatically sent in the most profitable channel. Get a full overview on which channels your customers pay faster and channel cost in your dashboard. With payment status you can see who has received, opened or paid their invoice.

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How to reduce invoicing cost?

By going digital. You can save up to 85% by sending an invoice digitally. We help you do the switch. On average, our customers now send 92% of all their invoices digitally. They even cut most of their manual handling. 

Digital Betaling

Digital invoices get paid faster

Most people, in fact a stunning 85%, pay an invoice by due date when they receive it digitally. If said invoice is sent by paper, less than half of the recipients pay in time. 

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Send invoices easily abroad

You get access to the PEPPOL network with Compello, which means you can easily send invoices across EU.

Included in Compello when you send invoices

Live status

Status is updated per invoice in your dashboard when an it is delivered, opened or paid.

Cloud archive

All invoices and vouchers are stored automatically in a secure digital archive with an excellent search function.


Full overview and control of all your sent invoices.

Payment confirmation

You can easily see which customer has paid, with payment status in your dashboard. 

Digital reminder

If a customer does not pay on time, a notification is sent from your KIS / ERP to Compello, which sends the reminder digitally.

Get paid faster

You can see in which channels your customers pay faster. Together we prioritise which channels to send your invoices.

«The choice to streamline invoice handling and invest in new systems has resulted in a saving of approximately NOK 400,000 net.»

- Harald Masst, Human-Etisk Forbund

«We wanted effective integrations with the ERP system, and one of the reasons we chose Compello was that they took full responsibility for integration and the whole project - so we do not have to deal with multiple parties in this.»

- Kjell Walquist, Legeforeningen

Why not simply use my ERP-system?

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While it is true that major ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, work a lot on innovation and optimisation of their solutions, they are multinational companies that develop solutions intended for a global market. However, the processing of financial documents is generally governed by local regulations and formats, and varies a lot from one country to the next.


Local adaptations are rarely featured in heavyweight ERP systems, to handle your invoices efficiently you can either develop your own solution, or use a third-party solution.

Tip: If you choose Compello, you will have all services gathered and integrated in the cloud. You will only need Compello.  

Save money

Cut up to 85% of costs by sending invoices digitally

A secure solution in the cloud

Our solutions run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Get started quickly

You can be up and running in two weeks, due to out-of-the-box integrations with most ERP systems.

Service with 99.96% uptime

You get a stable service with real time status 24/7.

Microsoft Dynamics
Sap Business One
Sap S4 Hana 2

Easy integration with your ERP system

You will be up and running in no time, it only takes a few weeks to implement.

Read more about our over 50 integrations here.