Systematic work boosts the proportion of women

At Compello, we are proud to have built up one of the highest proportions of female staff in the IT sector – a journey we embarked on in 2012. Find out more about our journey.

Compello has managed to increase the proportion of women due to systematic and targeted work over several years. We find that the measures we take are noticed and that we make a difference. We continue this important work.

We are still sponsored by Oda Network and we organize annual tours for the women of the company. We do this to focus on the importance of diversity in an IT industry that still has an overly low percentage of women with an average of 28%.

Our journey started in 2012 and we currently have women in all departments, middle management, top management and the board. Read more about our job to increase the proportion of women in the company.

2012 - The rise of awareness

Several of Compello’s female employees join and participate in network meetings organised by ODA, the biggest network in the Nordic Region for women working in the IT sector. In 2012, women accounted for 26% of the workforce at Compello.

2013 - The systematic work on increasing the share of women commences.

Compello becomes a sponsor of the ODA Network and all female employees at the company become members of the network. Compello organises its first women’s workshop. The principal topic at the meeting was how Compello could increase awareness, visibility and the significance of diversity in the workplace.

2014 - Raising awareness in everyday working life

Compello makes sure:

  • To use photos of both men and women on its website.
  • To put both women and men on lists of speakers.
  • To use photos of both men and women in our job advertisements and in connection with job advertising on social media.
  • To have both men and women involved in interviewing during recruitment processes.
  • To have a 50/50 composition of male and female applicants in the final process to identify leading candidates If there are few applications from women, all female applicants are to be interviewed as long as their CVs meet the minimum requirements.

Compello is keen to show that we make a difference and to encourage others to do the same. The company has published several articles in both the trade press and local media highlighting our conscious input to increase the proportion of women.

Female employees in Compello 2018

2015 - 40 per cent women in the management team

Compello remodels the text in its job advertisements to make it more inclusive and to appeal to both women and men. We make a conscious effort to use words and expressions that appeal to both genders. We are clear about our desire to attract both male and female applicants.

We succeed in making a change, and end up with an applicant base featuring a much higher share of applications from women. Compello restructures the management team in Compello Norway, and two of the five members are now women.

Several female employees from Compello participate as mentors at the Girl Tech Fest during Oslo Innovation Week. Compello is involved in #ShesGotThis , a campaign designed to focus on unconscious discriminatory attitudes in society. 50% of employees participate in the campaign.