Vision and values

The goal of the Compello Group is to become a leading provider in Europe on e-invoicing, EDI and invoice approval.

Our vision

We make organizations play well together.

Our mission

We simplify business communication by helping companies to exchange messages and invoices. Reliably. On time – every time.


We are Trustworthy

  • We behave responsibly towards our clients, partners and colleagues
  • We are trustworthy, honest and credible in what we do
  • We are always well-prepared for our meetings with clients, partners and colleagues
  • We always look for solutions, and see possibilities when faced with challenges
  • Safe and secure solutions is our top priority

We are Courageous 

  • We dare to think outside the box, and try new approaches
  • We ask questions in order to reach clarity
  • We are not afraid of diversity, and open up for exchange of opinions
  • We dare to make demands of our clients, partners and colleagues

We Win Together

  • We are team players and strive for the success for our clients, partners and colleagues
  • We help our clients and partners achieve a good ROI
  • We create commitment, motivation and enthusiasm by listening to each other
  • We understand the needs of our clients and partners

We are Playful

  • We greet our clients, partners and colleagues with a smile and a positive attitude
  • We approach our work with creative enthusiasm
  • We are positive and see possibilities
  • We are open and welcome new ideas and positive change

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