What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a digital wallet. Using Apple Pay, you can pay in a simple secure and private way with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.


Why use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay works as fast as other alternative digital payment methods, which reduces the time they spend on paying for the desired item or service, compared to traditional payment methods.

Apple has launched the possibilities for friend payment, but this is currently working only in the United States. It is unclear whether or when this will be released in the rest of the world.

For iPhone and Apple Watch users, Apple Pay means you always have a payment solution easily available – either through the phone or the watch. This makes Apple Pay easier and faster than other payment methods; you only need to hold your phone or watch against the terminal to complete the payment. No login or apps that need to be opened, just keep your phone up to the terminal – it is that easy!


How does Apple Pay with Compello?

So far, Apple Pay has not opened for payment of an invoice in the app, as other similar solutions do. There have also been no indications from Apple when this will be available, and then how they will choose to solve this. If in the future it becomes possible to pay an invoice through Apple Pay, it will be natural that this channel is also supported by Compello’s solutions.

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