Blockchain as a Service

What is BaaS?

Blockchain technology is complex and expensive to create, configure and operate, so it is an area ripe to be provided as a service. It makes sense for technology companies to make the necessary investment and offer fully-formed blockchain solutions to subscribing customers. Blockchain as a service (BaaS) works in a similar way to Software as a Services (Saas); customers can subscribe to a ready-made solution that is created and maintained by the provider. Customers can get started on their own development, without having to invest time and resources on creating and maintaining a solution from scratch.

How does BaaS work with Compello?

Compello does not currently use blockchain technology in its solutions. However, we closely follow what is happening in the area, and will consider using the technology if it seems to provide special benefits for our solutions and customers.

Relevant terms: Blockchain | Bitcoin | Virtual Currency