What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is a part of machine learning and is based on artificial intelligence – a model inspired by how brain cells work.

Why use Deep Learning?

Interpretation, image analysis and language processing are three areas that have been revolutionized by deep learning. Previous technologies could not achieve the same quality, which is also the main reason why many of the major technology companies such as Spotify, IBM, Yahoo and Netflix are now investing heavily in deep learning through buying research and development.

For example, application areas where deep learning is already used or explored are detecting computer viruses, interpreting accounting data, interpreting movements, stopping epileptic seizures by discovering that they are on the move, and more.

How works Deep Learning in Compello?

Compello does not currently use deep learning techniques in its products, but this is an area we are looking at to improve the performance of our Compello Invoice interpreter solution, using advanced software to interpret the contents of scanned paper invoices.