What is EHF?

EHF – Elektronisk Handelsformat (Electronic Trading Format) – is the central government standard format for electronic invoicing.

Invoices and credit notes to central government entities must be sent in standard EHS format; this is a requirement. This requirement came into force on 1 July 2012.

All Norwegian municipalities were also required to be able to receive EHF invoices as of 1 January 2015. Many municipalities and companies have already switched to EHF and no longer accept hard copy invoices.

Why choose EHF?

Sending and receiving EHF invoices and e-commerce documents offer a number of advantages for both suppliers and recipients.

  • Reduced costs. Electronic invoice flow saves on copying costs, and possibly postage costs as well.
  • Direct to recipient. EHF invoices are sent directly from the sender’s financial system to the recipient’s financial system. This ensures that bills are received by exactly the right recipient.
  • And are received more quickly and more securely. EHF invoices are received by recipients more quickly than hard copy invoices and increase the chances of faster settlement. EHF invoices are also a more secure way of transferring invoices than email invoices, for example; in terms of both delivery quality and prevention of unauthorised access.
  • More reliable, and fewer errors. EHF invoices are read automatically. This ensures that accounting figures are updated more quickly and reduces the risk of errors.
  • All documents in a single location. Invoices and credit notes will not go missing in transit, and if you need a document you will only have to look in one place.
  • Environmental savings. EHF invoices eliminate the need for hard copy invoices.

How does EHF work with Compello?

Compello Access Point is a complete solution for the exchange of electronic invoices and e-commerce documents (electronic orders, packing lists, order confirmations, product catalogues) in EHF format.

Using EHF format allows you to interact electronically with your customers and suppliers safely and securely, simply and efficiently. Compello Access Point is suitable for companies of all kinds, regardless of size, business system, industry and invoice and document volume. Read about our solution Compello eInvoice, a complete invoice hotel for businesses that want a central service for sending and receiving electronic (eInvoice) and paper invoices >

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