What is eInvoice?

eInvoice is an electronic invoice sent directly to the payer’s online bank instead of receiving the bill in the post.

Why use eInvoice?

eInvoice is a secure, efficient, simple alternative sustainable in the long term, regardless of whether you choose to send or receive eInvoices.

Opportunities with eInvoice for private individuals:

  • Get bills completed at your online bank. This means you will no longer receive bills by post and you will not have to input payment information such as KID and account numbers. All you need to do is click OK at your online bank to schedule the invoice for payment in the list of future payments.
  • Choose the due date on which the invoice is to be paid so that the invoice is paid on a date when you know you will have money in the account, such as payday. You will avoid entering the wrong information, all you need to do is click OK at your online bank

Opportunities with eInvoice for enterprises:

  • Save money. Simplifying deposits means fewer administrative costs for you. As a company, you will no longer need pay for printing, postage and post handling.
  • Fewer errors. All data is filled in for you, so the payment will be correct from the outset.
  • Happier customers. Take the opportunity to send invoices to the channels preferred by customers.
  • Use invoices as a communication channel with customers. This will give you more points of contact with your customers.

How can Compello help with eInvoice?

Compello eInvoice is a solution for businesses and associations requiring a central service for the submission and receipt of invoices, both electronically and in hard copy format/by post. You will have an overview of all invoices sent and received in a single location, regardless of whether you are using eInvoices to online banks, Vipps eInvoice, Access Point, email, hard copy invoices or other invoicing channels.

Compello eInvoice is suitable for:

  • Companies that would prefer one provider to send and receive invoices
  • Companies, associations and special interest organisations in voicing both corporate and private customers frequently, usually through subscriptions, payment for usage
  • Companies that send and/or receive many invoices involving the same suppliers
  • Companies and organisations that receive a large number of invoices
  • Companies that want to use eInvoices for private customers via online banking as a communication and information channel

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