What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet. Google Pay is available on all Android devices; telephone, smart watch or tablet making it payments easy and safe.

Why use Google Pay?

Google Pay works as fast as other alternative digital payment methods, reducing users’ time spent paying for the desired item or service, compared to traditional payment methods.

Google has also launched the options for “friend payments”, but currently it only works in the United States. It is uncertain whether and when this will be released in the rest of the world, but Google is looking for possible local partnerships to speed up the launch date of this service.

Google Pay also wants partnerships with local loyalty programs in order to make it easier for users to use Google Pay in all grocery stores as well.

For users of newer Android devices, Google Pay gives the advantage of always having a payment solution readily available – via mobile, watch or tablet. This makes Google Pay easier and faster than other payment methods, you just need to hold the phone, clock or tablet to the terminal to make the payment. No login or apps to open, just hold the phone to the terminal.


Google launched its mobile payment solution in the US already in 2015, and has since then launched support for payment cards successively in other countries. In October 2018, Google Pay, was launched in Sweden and Norway.

Google Pay works on all mobile Android devices to pay for goods and services where you can pay without contact, as well as in some online stores.

Google Pay is a direct competitor to Apple Pay and is locked to the Android platform, just as Apple Pay is locked to Apple devices.

The service will initially be available in physical stores, online and in apps. Look for the contactless payment symbol or the Google Pay logo on the payment terminal.

How does Google Pay work with Compello?

As of today, Google Pay does not support invoice payments in the app, as some other similar solutions do. Nor have any indications been communicated when a similar solution could be available. If it becomes possible in the future to pay invoices through Google Pay, it will be natural that this channel is also supported by Compello’s solutions.

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