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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

“Tingenes internett” is a Norwegian expression frequently used to refer to the Internet of Things. Many of the everyday items you have at home are connected to the Internet; your smartphone, smartwatch, TV, radio, media player, etc. You may control your lights and heating via the Internet, too. More and more things are appearing that can be connected to the Internet, and this is precisely what IoT is. IoT is a concept allowing devices to “talk” to one another, and to you. Devices can talk to one another using a wireless network, Bluetooth, NFC or other radio waves.


Opportunities when using Internet of Things (IoT)

More and more people are using “Smart Home” solutions. What you are able to achieve and do is increasing all the time. Only your imagination, your technical ability and the contents of your wallet are what limit the opportunities available. For example, your sound system can play the latest weather report when your alarm clock rings, your coffee machine can start at the same time and your appointments for the day can be read out. When you leave the house, your door can be locked automatically as the system can see that none of the household’s smartphones are nearby, and then the lights are switched off and the alarm is enabled.


Relevant terms to Internet of Things: Machine learning, Cloud, Amazon Alexa, Artificial intelligence (AI), Google Home

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