What is Multi-Channel?

Today, we as consumers expect to receive our invoices in the format / channel we want. Some want eFaktura, others AvtaleGiro, some want mobile channels like Vipps, while many still swear to paper invoice. With this, the issuers of the invoices (companies) have a need to reach their customers in all these different channels. With a so-called multichannel solution, companies get the opportunity to send invoices to consumers in the desired format. Compello provides multi-channel solutions.

How does Multi-Channel work at Compello?

The company sends Compello individual claims, or bundles with multiple requirements. Compello processes and passes claims to the final recipient as the sender has defined for each individual claim. The sender will always have an overview of the submitted requirements in Compello's invoice hotel.

By using Compello's invoice hotel, the issuer can send claims / invoices / invoices in the best possible way, as the consumer wishes to receive them.

Compello delivers in these formats (In Norway):

  • Vipps eInvoice
  • email Invoice
  • eInvoice
  • AvtaleGiro
  • EHF
  • Paper invoice with letter
  • Digital mailboxes
  • Puzzel Pay

Compello can also provide automated multichannel solutions, this works by having the invoice provider set a priority order on the channel they want to send on, if the recipient is not enrolled in this service, the system will try the next channel.

Example: The company wants to reach as many recipients as possible on Vipps Invoice, those who do not have it will be able to receive it as e-invoice in the online bank, as e-mail with invoice, or as a last alternative as a letter invoice.

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