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What is Puzzel Pay?

Puzzel Pay gives customers the opportunity to send their invoices via the mobile phone. The one sending the payment claim can add a variety of payment methods through this solution, such as payment via mobile banking and creditcards. This gives the end user the opportunity to pay in the way they prefer.

Possibilities and advantages with Puzzel Pay:

By using SMS as a communication channel, the end user is more easily reached; experience show that SMS is an effective communication channel since it’s usually opened and read. Puzzel Pay offers mergeable user data so that the SMS message can be personalized.
Puzzel also offers electronic reminders, and the possibility of immediate payment. The payment options can be adapted to each individual recipient.
The difference between Puzzle SMS and Puzzle Pay is that Puzzle SMS sends a text message to the payer with notification of when the invoice is due, and with the possibility of clicking on a link (URL) to see the invoice. However, the invoice must be paid in another way – via the Internet bank, credit card etc. Puzzel Pay also sends a SMS to the payer, but the user can click on a link in the text message, to get on to a web page where there can be a variety of payment methods that the payer can choose from.
Since Puzzel uses integrated APIs, good statistics on mailing and delivery reports are provided.

Compello and Puzzel Pay:

Compello can offer both Puzzel SMS and Puzzel Pay as a payment channel, which is part of Compello’s multi-channel concept. After agreement with the invoice issuer, the payer can receive their invoice in Puzzel Pay, and choose the desired method of payment. Compello offer this because we want to help our customers be where their customers are, and also giving the end user the opportunity to pay their invoices in the way they want.


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