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What is an Access Point?

The access point solution is defined and regulated by Difi and is a standard infrastructure for sending and receiving invoices and e-commerce documents in the electronic file format EHF (Elektronisk Handelsformat). The access point can be used for all e-commerce communication (invoices, credit notes, orders, order confirmations, packing lists, product catalogues and reminders).
Invoices and credit notes to central government entities must be sent in standard EHS format; this is a requirement. This requirement came into force on 1 July 2012.


How does an Access Point work?

An access point is similar to a mailbox. Invoice files in EHF format are sent to an access point in an invoice mailing. The service provider checks Difi’s national address register ELMA to see which access point the invoice recipient belongs to and submits the invoice file to the recipient.


Opportunities and advantages when using Access Point

Access Point is a good way of automating the electronic invoicing process, and paves the way for getting started with complete, straightforward e-commerce communication.


Access Point at Compello

Compello is a Difi-approved Access Point that can do much more than a standard Access Point as defined by Difi.
For many years Compello has been helping a series of Norwegian enterprises of all sizes, in both the public and the private sector, with electronic invoice distribution and document flow in a series of distribution channels. Our extensive, broad experience, in combination with excellent solutions, allows us to offer a series of extended functions and supporting elements beyond a standard Access Point service. These include:

  • Format conversions
  • Attachment management
  • Reporting
  • Non-conformance management and good control options
  • Greater security
  • Quality control
  • Invoicing of invoice claims
  • Service for receiving, scanning and interpreting hard copy invoices
  • Service for receiving and interpreting email invoices received

Compello Access Point also allows you to distribute your invoices to eInvoice online banks, emails, print Direct Debits, text messages, Vipps and electronic mailboxes such as Digipost and eBoks.
Choosing Compello as your access point provider gives you a secure, accessible provider that works with the future in mind.


Compello is PEPPOL Access Point certified provider


Relevant terms to Access Point: eInvoice, electronic invoice, ELMA, Difi, e-commerce communication

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