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What is Central invoicing?

Central invoicing is collective invoicing in the power industry. where both grid tariffs and power consumption are invoiced in the power provider’s final customer invoice.


Advantages of Central invoicing

Central invoicing gives power providers more equal competitive terms and increases competition in the various grid areas. Grid owners must no longer invoice individual and customers for grid tariffs: instead, they have to send these invoices to the end customer’s power provider, who is responsible for the overall invoice submission to the end customer. The end customer must be able to choose the power provider they prefer without losing the option of having grid hire and power consumption collected together in a single invoice.


Central invoicing at Compello

Whether you are a power provider or a utility company and need to implement central invoicing of grid hire to your end customers or to power companies, we have the solution to help you!

Compello Collective Invoicing for power providers:

  • A complete receiving system for all grid hire invoices, regardless of the grid area in which you provide power
  • A complete solution for distributing your invoices to end customers

Compello Central invoicing for utility companies:

  • A complete solution for distributing your grid hire invoices to power companies

Relevant terms to Central invoicing: EDI, eInvoice, invoice, power company, utility company, grid hire

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