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What is Enoro CIS?

The customer information system Enoro CIS is a vertically integrated piece of software for energy invoicing and customer administration. This solution helps both utility companies and power companies to understand and communicate with customers and offers a new and personal energy service. Enoro CIS is supplied as a standardised software service (SaaS) for the energy market, and is optimised for scalability and flexibility to support business needs in a pay-as-you-go model. Enoro CIS is modelled to handle and invoice both power and other related products and services. The flexible contract structure, in combination with efficient ledger management, supports the extent of energy companies’ value chain.


Opportunities when using Enoro CIS

Energy as a content product provides a unique relationship opportunity. Smarter use of customer information will allow energy companies to create fantastic customer relations offering good profitability. No two customers are alike, and with Enoro CIS companies can use this opportunity to create good customer experiences. Enoro CIS is a complete business system providing enrichment for customers and efficient use of information across the life cycle of the customer.


Advantages of Enoro CIS

Enoro CIS provides flexibility and efficiency for optimum customer administration. This solution improves cash flow and reduces costs by means of an efficient, simplified invoicing process. The Enoro customer information system (CIS) is a standardised platform developed specifically for Norwegian and Nordic energy companies. Everyday companies benefit from being part of the biggest CIS network in the Nordic region – regardless of their IT strategies.


Enoro CIS and Compello

Enoro and Compello are partners and work in close cooperation to optimise the user experience in Enoro CIS and automate processes for seamless invoice distribution and customer communication.



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