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What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is Microsoft’s public cloud solution initiative. Microsoft introduced Windows Azure in 2008, but the service was relaunched as Microsoft Azure in April 2014. Azure offers a wide range of services; hardware/service, file storage, databases, analysis, networks, media and content services, identity and access management, development, user management, backup and security. The range of services offered is constantly being developed, and new services are always being added. Microsoft has a large number of data centres to guarantee accessibility. In January 2016, it had 22 different locations all over the world. Azure’s biggest competitors are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform.2.


Opportunities when using Azure

Azure provides flexible, on-demand access to Microsoft cloud computing resources. Azure permits rapid building, distribution and administration of applications across a global network of Microsoft-controlled data centres. It supports a distribution model that provides better performance or allows you to upgrade software without downtime. Azure is always up and always online. The sky’s the limit as regards flexibility. Azure makes it possible to use any language, framework or tool to build applications and then run them on Windows or Linux-based platforms. Enterprise ready scalability means access to unlimited server resources and unlimited storage.


Azure and Compello

Compello participated in the development and launch of Microsoft Azure technology in 2011, acting as an advisor for the Microsoft Customer Advisory Board. This gave Compello a unique insight into ground-breaking new technology for cloud solutions and the opportunity to influence this process. Compello now uses a hybrid solution in which parts of our services run in Microsoft Azure while other parts use a traditional server farm offered by other providers. Going forward, Compello will be increasing the number of services running on the Azure platform in order to make it easier to scale our services as effectively as possible for our customers.

Relevant terms to Azure: .NET, Business Intelligence, Power BI, CRM system, Microsoft, Microservices, SaaS (Software as a Service), Cloud

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