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What is the cloud?

Cloud Computing is a generic term for services offered to individuals or companies. This can include everything from data processing and storage to software; Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This means that computing power can be adapted to capacity requirements, and customers pay only for what they actually use. Most suppliers are able to offer cloud computing as either public solutions or private solutions, or as a combination of these. Private cloud computing is only made available to the businesses to which the cloud services are to apply. Here, the environment(s) from which the cloud service is supplied will typically be dedicated to the individual customer or a defined group of customers. This setup paves the way for a greater degree of specific customisations than is the case with the model for the cloud offering public access.


Opportunities when using cloud computing

One advantage of cloud computing is that users can access these services no matter where they are; at the office, at home or on the road. The cost of transferring services to the cloud will often involve lower costs compared with keeping the services on a separate network/PC. Many providers also have flexible payment solutions which allow users to pay per month, and can quickly change the number of users or the resources used. In many instances, service providers will handle all software monitoring and maintenance at no extra cost to the user/company.


Cloud computing and Compello

Compello uses a number of services in the cloud. We use Office 365 in-house, along with many services on the Azure platform. We also have a number of our customer solutions in Azure, giving us flexibility when it comes to scaling provision. Our cloud services run at data centres in Europe in order to meet the restrictions specified in the Personal Data Act and the Data Protection Directive (95/45/EC).


Relevant terms to cloud: Azure, Software-as-a-Service, Cloud Computing

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