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What is Difi?

The aim of Difi, the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment, is to develop and revitalise the public sector. Difi determines how electronic invoices are to be sent to the public Norway. They also approve access points to the public infrastructure in Norway.
Difi’s specialist fields:

  • Administration development, organisation, management, innovation and skills development
  • Digitisation of public services and work processes
  • Development and administration of collective solutions
  • Public procurement processes
  • Preventive ICT security in central government administration
  • Universal design of ICT solutions
  • Primary objectives. Difi must:
  • Help to increase coordination in the public sector
  • Build up and document knowledge
  • Help to increase skills development in the public sector
  • Develop and manage collective solutions for the administration
  • Oversee enterprises in the private and public sectors pursuant to the regulation on the universal design of ICT

Difi was created in 2008 and comprises the former directorate Statskonsult, the former authority and the e-Commerce Secretariat.



Difi and Compello

Compello is a Difi-approved Access Point.


Relevant terms to Difi: Access Point, ELMA, eInvoice, ICT, Digitisation, Innovation, collective digital solutions, information security

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