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What is Ediel?

Ediel is an established standard for EDI in the electricity industry for the Nordic countries and Europe. Information sent via Ediel is known as “Ediel messages”. Ediel is based fully on the internationally established EDIFACT standard. In a deregulated market, developing collective standards and standard systems that can be used by all stakeholders for data communication, operation and settlement is an important task.


Opportunities and advantages of Eidel

The Ediel standard permits the establishment of a joint electricity market. Advantages:

  • Reduces the need for manual procedures and reduces the risk of errors
  • Coordinates data transfers easily and effectively
  • Paperless communication saves time and money
  • A shared file format for incoming and outgoing business documents


Edielat Compello

Compello uses Ediel to communicate with the electricity industry, and as a member of the Norwegian EDIEL expert team we are helping with the further development of standards for the industry.

Relevant terms to Ediel: EDI, EDIFACT, EHF, Finnvoice, XML, Document processing, Electronic exchange, Mapping

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