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What is EDIFACT?

EDIFACT – Electronic Data Interchange For Administration – is an international electronic business document standard. EDIFACT essentially involves various message types, segments, data elements and codes.


Opportunities when using EDIFACT?

EDIFACT allows companies to send all types of information in a single file. The advantage of EDIFACT is the standardisation and structure of the information, permitting automatic input and processing.
EDIFACT is suitable for companies with large numbers of transactions and that want to reduce the amount of time they spend on manual updates and data transfers.


Advantages of EDIFACT

  • Reduces the need for manual procedures and reduces the risk of errors
  • Coordinates data transfers easily and effectively
  • Paperless communication saves time and money
  • A shared file format for incoming and outgoing business documents


EDIFACT at Compello

Compello uses EDIFACT in the industries using this standard. This may involve everything from orders (ORDERS), order confirmation (ORDRSP) in the wholesale market, to PRODAT, MSCONS, supplier switches and meter reading in the power industry. As EDIFACT is designed to prevent lack of space, Compello often maps internal formats to this standard.


What is the difference between EDI and EDIFACT?

EDI is general electronic message exchange and swapping between two or more companies’ ERP systems, while EDIFACT is merely a standard format sent within EDI.



Relevant terms to EDIFACT: EDI, EHF, Ediel, Finnvoice, XML, Document processing, Electronic exchange, Mapping

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