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What is ELMA?

ELMA – Electronic Recipient Address Register – is a Norwegian register recording the recipients of the various EHF formats. To put it simply, it is comparable with the telephone directory/Yellow Pages for phone number listings.
ELMA is a register containing the address of the access point to which the recipient wishes to send his documents. Recipients here can receive documents from others without having to have a forwarding agreement. The recipient undertakes to receive the file send as long as it is sent in Electronic Trading Format (EHF) or PEPPOL BIS format.


How do I register my company with ELMA?

Your company has to be able to receive files in EHF format to register with ELMA. This format requires you to be linked to an Access Point.

View a complete list of all approved access point providers at Difi.

Your access point provider will register your company with ELMA so that your suppliers wishing to send the EHF format can easily find the necessary information there.


ELMA at Compello

Compello is a Difi-approved Access Point and registered with ELMA.


Relevant terms to ELMA: EHF, Access Point, eInvoice, credit note, e-commerce documents, ICT, Digitisation

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