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What is HTML?

HTML is a standard language used to display hypertext and other information in browsers. There are various versions of HTML, including HTML5.


Advantages of HTML

All browsers understand HTML. Formatting content using HTML allows you to produce content in a language and link to multiple attributes in an element to be displayed in the browser. Headers, tables/lists and fonts are examples of this


Opportunities when using HTML

It is possible to tag content to be read and understood by Google, for example, in order to optimise sites for search engines. It is common in this case to use the following code to display the title and content to be understood by search engines, as well as supplementary information for describing the pages/content that users cannot see (tag):

HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

HTML and Compello

At Compello, HTML5 is our standard technology choice for user interfaces for our proprietary software and website. This is because we want to minimise the need for web applications such as Adobe Flash, QuickTime and Silverlight, and also because it has open formats that permit scalable vector graphics. This means that the functionality and options in Compello solutions are less dependent on the devices from which people are working. We are also working constantly at Compello on search engine optimisation to make ourselves visible in the digital jungle.


Relevant terms to HTML: HTML5, XML

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