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What is Kanban?

The Japanese word kanban means “card”, or “character/signal”. Kanban is originally a Japanese production methodology where the supply of components is regulated by means of instruction cards sent along the production line. Toyota was one of the first companies to use this method on a large scale in its production from the 1950s. Parts of this methodology have been continued and extended in modern software development. Essentially, it is a queueing system for planned work with the option of blocking.


The 4 Kanban principles

  1. Visualise the work
  2. Limit the number of work processes commenced
  3. Focus on the flow
  4. Continuous improvements


Kanban and Compello

Kanban is one of the principles that pave the way for agile software development. We use both Kanban and Scrum at Compello.



Relevant terms to Kanban: Scrum

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