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What is Microservices?

Microservices represent a software architecture and design where the solution comprises a number of small, light, individual, self-sufficient, highly independent and loosely linked services. Individually, these are all responsible for their own processes. This is in strong contrast to the traditional architecture, a monolithic approach where the solution is created as a collective whole.


How do Microservices work?

Microservices work together with one another on the basis of their need to execute a certain action. They communicate via APIs which are not dependent on a specific language. An error in one microservice will not cause the entire solution to fail. Larger applications can remain largely unaffected by it.


Microservices and Compello

Compello is currently working to utilise the best technological innovations so as to ensure that the best solutions are available to our customers. Our efforts to introduce Microservices are in full swing, and the introduction of this technology will ensure that our systems and solutions become even more stable and can handle the increase in traffic that we are expecting to see in future.


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