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What is .NET?

.NET is a collection of technologies relating to software development from Microsoft, introduced initially in 2002. Since then, the platform has gained a foothold and is now one of the most commonly used development platforms in the world.


Advantages when using .NET

.NET includes class libraries support innovative development and are supported and built into the Windows platform.


How is it possible to work with .NET?

.NET is supported by a framework and a development infrastructure in order to develop, distribute/install and run programs and services using .NET technology. This framework is called .NET Framework and can include stand-alone user programs, web services, programs for mobile devices, or larger complex and integrated solutions.


Opportunities when using .NET

Using the framework, .NET Framework, makes it possible to eliminate unnecessary code and reduces the amount of code which developers need to write. The framework is based on object-oriented programming and is a platform that can increase developer productivity.


.NET and Compello

All software development at Compello is based on .NET. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Compello uses the latest available technology developed by Microsoft, including the cloud service Azure.

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Relevant terms to .NET: Azure, Microservices

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