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What is Portable Document Format (PDF)?

PDF is a file format that can include text and images, or just a picture of text and images. The format is portable, so the layout and appearance will be the same regardless of the operating system or device used to view it.


Opportunities when using PDF

Exchanging and presenting PDFs means you are not dependent on a type of software, hardware or operating system. PDF is a standard format which means that the results look the same for everyone, so you avoid changes to content and colours when a file is opened in other locations. PDF format also gives you the security of knowing that a shared document will not be copied or edited. It is also possible to limit copying of the contents of documents and printouts and to password-protect documents.


Advantages of PDF

If you use a PDF file, you can carry out electronic signing and automate the invoicing process if you use this together with optical character recognition (OCR) software. This makes you independent of paper – an important element when working towards a paperless society.


PDF and Compello

PDF is used in several contexts at Compello, when both receiving and sending electronic invoices we use PDFs as attachments, and as the display format for invoices at our invoice hotel and when sending invoices as email attachments. We have also developed our own OCR, which scans content from PDF invoices automatically to a specified financial/invoice handling system.


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