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Briefly explained:

PEPPOL BIS stands for Pan-European Public Procurement Online Business Interoperability Specifications and is the European format for electronic exchange of information between participants in the procurement process. In Norway we usually talk about Electronic Commerce Format (EHF), and it is based precisely on these PEPPOL BIS specifications.
Standardizing the message content of all such transactions, as EHF and PEPPOL BIS do, creates a common format for everyone. This is easier and cheaper to maintain, which in turn reduces the cost.


Opportunities for usage:

The new PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 format was adopted in January 2019 and will be mandatory throughout the EU from April 18th, 2019. In Norway we will probably call this EHF 3.0, but the formats are identical. As this becomes standard throughout the EU, we will be able to exchange messages with other European countries that have adopted this standard.


Compello and PEPPOL BIS

Compello is a certified PEPPOL Access Point and will always ensure that we support the current format for those of our customers who receive and send messages for orders, deliveries and invoices. This consists of the following document types: – Invoice, Credit note, Reminder, Order, Order confirmation, Package slip, Catalog and Directory confirmation.



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