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What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Business Intelligence solution that aims to give you the opportunity to make better decisions on the basis of data. This solution makes it possible to link together information from a number of data sources from different systems and platforms. The solution is supplied by Microsoft and facilitates matters for decision-makers and Excel users.


Opportunities when using Power BI

This tool provides users with access to large data volumes (Big Data) which can be used for reporting and analysis in a straightforward way. Power BI can be integrated into a separate web or mobile application.


Advantages of Power BI

The advantages of Power BI are that you can visualise data without customising a separate solution, and that the data can be displayed in a separate web or mobile application. The data can also be exported to MS Excel from Power BI.


Power BI at Compello

We are able to offer customers integration of Power BI in our Compello solutions. This means that our customers will have access to the transaction data which they are sending or receiving, as well as creating analyses and reports from this data

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