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What is Robotics?


Briefly explained

Robotization is one of several measures that can be included in the automation of a business or process. Robotization is about streamlining and standardizing traditionally manual work processes, to achieve more economically profitable production with higher quality.


Opportunities for using robotics

  • Higher utilization of other machines and production lines.


Benefits of robotics

  • Stable quality
  • Predictable capacity
  • Better competitiveness against other countries
  • Less use of special machines and adaptation
  • Flexibility


10 good reasons to robotize

  1. Higher production rates
  2. Minimize work-intensive and HSE-charged tasks
  3. Reduce costs per component produced
  4. Shorter lead times, fewer products in work
  5. Shorter conversions
  6. Greater flexibility
  7. Smoother and better quality
  8. Swifter and more reliable delivery time
  9. Increased production with the same or lower staffing
  10. Low repayment period and long life


Robotics and Compello

Compello does not work with robotization directly, but we work with digitization and automation in other ways, including intelligent data capture and regulation in the invoice processing and bookkeeping process of our customers.



Relevant terms to Robotics: Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digitization, RPA, Cobot, Universal Robots, UR

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