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What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

When referring to SaaS, we mean software that runs as a service in the cloud, such as Azure.


Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS)

When using SaaS services, you hire the use of a program from a service/software provider and the cost is based on consumption. Users link up to the service online, usually using a browser or a cloud-based app. Email, calendar and Office tools are common examples of such apps. All underlying infrastructure, middleware, app software and software data is stored at the service provider’s data centre. This means that the service provider, not the user of the service, manages the hardware and software.


Opportunities when using SaaS

SaaS services allow organisations to get up and running with software quickly, with minimal preliminary costs. Security and access to both the software and the data can also be assured by means of a service agreement.


SaaS and Compello

Many Compello solutions, such as eInvoice, EDI and Invoice Approval, can be run as services in the cloud. Our Invoice Approval solution allows users to work with individual functions and tasks in the Compello app or in the browser that includes all the functions. We use a number of SaaS programs such as Office 365, and accounting and payroll systems in-house at Compello.



Relevant terms to SaaS: Azure, Office 365, Cloud

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