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What is a scanner?

A scanner is an electronic searching device or an optical reading machine.


Opportunities with scanners

Scanners can digitise a file format including text and images, or just a picture of text and images. When a hard copy document is scanned, it is read by the scanner and a digital image file (such as a PDF file) is created which can be saved, read and edited on a computer as a data file. Special scanners are used for reading barcodes and in computed tomography (CT), for example.


Advantages of scanners

If you receive hard copy invoices, a scanner can automate parts of the invoice process by creating an electronic image of the invoice.


Scanner and Compello

Compello supplies electronic document flow solutions. Hard copy invoices are scanned a standard scanner or multifunction machine and can be imported to Compello Invoice Approval for invoice interpretation. It is important for the scanner to:

  • be set to an image resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch) and black-and-white
  • import TIFF or PDF files
  • have an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)

If you need to buy a new scanner, we would be happy to assist with scanner selection guidelines: just contact us.


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