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What are SDKs?

SDK is a generic term for a set of development tools, code frameworks and code samples at a development department. SDKs are usually a library of APIs, technical notes and instruments for further development of software. Both SDKs and APIs play an important part in the software department process.


Opportunities when using SDKs

When using SDKs, third parties can integrate and add functionality to software more easily than is the case with the alternative, hardware and file integration. This allows a number of solutions to be linked together without changing the individual existing solution.


Advantages of SDKs

SDKs can be used to structure and collate APIs in a location so that developers do not have to write their own unique code for development of software. This can help to save time and make the developer’s day more efficient.


SDK at Compello

We have created a number of SDKs (devkits) at Compello that include our open APIs. With this, we have all these tools gathered together in a single location so that our customers can integrate Compello solutions with various systems such as financial, purchasing and ERP systems.


Relevant terms to SDK: User interface (GUI), integration, third party software, API

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