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What is XML?

XML is a tool and a universal markup language for the production and supply of structured information, and it is a simplified continuation of SGML (Standard General Markup Language). XML can be used as a basis for HTML, for instance.


Opportunities when using XML

XML makes it possible to share structured data between information systems, in particular the Internet. It can also be used to coat documents where flags are used or information indicating the content is tagged.


Advantages of XML

Data in an XML format is organised into a hierarchical structure which is suitable for most document and platform types. XML is self-explanatory, and this is a major advantage when exchanging information between different data systems. The language can be read by both humans and machines, and it also has a robust, verifiable format based on international, open sources.


XML and Compello

XML is Compello’s default choice for data exchange, and we have tools for converting the language between different XML formats, Compello Connect folders and Compello converter.



Relevant terms to XML: HTML, SGML (Standard General Markup Language)

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