Gratis frokostseminar: Ta lederskap over digitaliseringen! Din digitale fremtid – hjemme og på jobb

Free Breakfast Seminar: Take leadership over the digitalization!
Your digital future – at home and at work

The world is in the middle of a digital transformation, and the question everyone is asking is: What do we have to do to be successful in the future? New times make demands for restructuring, innovation, speed and risk. But what does it mean for you, your company and to the public?

Compello has invited some of Norway’s foremost experts to share their thoughts and knowledge about digitalization and the future of payment.

Take part in this interesting and inspiring breakfast seminar about your digital future – at home and at work.

When: Wednesday the 14th of June at 8:30 to 11:00 AM
Where: At the the heart of digitalization in Norway;  Technopolis, IT Fornebu
Price: Free!



08.30 Registration and breakfast

09.00 Digital Transformation: How the digitalization changes the world – do you and your company manage to follow?

The pace of the technological development is faster than ever and has contributed to a completely new way of doing business, but also new challenges and conditions for today’s businesses – and individuals. How can you and your business adapt to the new digital future? And what does Blockchain og virtuell currency mean?

Arif Shafique, technology evangelist and long-term business developer at Microsoft Norge, gives you a historical overview and shares his perspectives and experiences.

09.Status digitalization

Developing community solutions, digitizing services and processes and switching from analogue to digital communication channels are key tools to make the public sector more efficient. How far have we come in this work – what is the status of digitalization? What are the plans?

DIFI (Direktoratet for forvaltning og IKT) is one of Norway’s most important agencies for developing, renewing and digitizing the public sector. Get a short and useful update on new trends, requirements and directives for 2017/2018.

10.05 What trends do we see in the payment development?

Have you Vippsed lately? Vipps and other mobile payment services have paved the way for simple and innovative ways to pay, and have in a short time received millions of active users. New actors and new technology change the known business models. What does this mean to you as an individual, and for you who is sending and receiving invoices, and your customers? And what do the banks think about Open Banking?

André Solstrand, Senior Business Developer and Product Owner for Vipps Invoice at DNB.

10.30 Take leadership of the digitalization!

Everyone talks about Industry 4.0. Digitalization changes all types of industries, and many are challenged by digital companies and brand new business models. What’s happening in the business community? How digital mature are we and what are required by managers to handle these challenges?

Bente Sollid Storehaug has been working with the internet economy for almost 25 years, and is active in the senior management team for several major Norwegian companies. In everyday life, she leads the ESV Digital Nordic initiative. In this lecture, Bente will share her experiences from digitally born companies, but also experiences associated with traditional companies who are experiencing the most demanding reconstruction ever.