Compello is finalist for ODA Award Organization 2018


We are happy and proud to have been made one of three finalists for the ODA Award Organization 2018

ODA is the leading forum for women in tech in the Nordics with over 8000 members from more than 500 companies in different industries.

For the fifth time, ODA hands out the ODA Award to an organization that has made an effort and impact for women in tech, and inspired women to choose technology. The winner of the ODA Award Organization 2018 will be announced at the Inspirational Day on May 31 at Oslo Concert Hall in Norway.

About the finalists:

Compello has had a clear strategy for diversity and inclusion for several years. The company regards diversity as a decisive success factor for well-being, growth and innovation. Today the female share in Compello is 40 % across the organization, and as much as 57 % in managing roles. The company has a conscious strategy in recruitment to attract women. They do this by putting female employees in the front of internal and external conferences, and by being involved in forums such as Girl Tech Fest, Jenter+Kodning=Sant (Girls + Coding = True), ODA and SHEconomy Summit.

DNB has a clear strategy to increase the proportion of women in the organization, and particularly in managing roles. Today, their management has a female share of 40 %, and the group management team consists of 50 % women. Specific initiatives have been established to develop female leadership talents through mentoring and networking in the company. Over the past few years, DNB has become an established employer in tech and is visible in tech forums such as “Girl Geek Dinner”.

Unacast has a clear strategy to secure diversity in its organization and has significantly increased the proportion of women in the company during the past six months; from 0 % female engineers and 17 % female employees in total, to 31 % female engineers and 36 % female employees in total. Unacast and its founders are particularly good at highlighting their female employees and other female role models in tech by posting chronicles, being published in media and active on different scenes around the theme that diversity is a success factor for the company. Unacast has shown that everyone can make a difference once you set a goal and is willing to make real changes.


Compello has 40 % women. Here are some of them during ODA inspirational day 2017.


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ODA Award Organization 2018