Compello makes changes to the management team to be ready for the future

The world is in the middle of a digital transformation, and the question everyone is asking is: What do we have to do to be successful in the future? The Software company Compello, which has its head office in the city center of digitalization at IT Fornebu in Norway, believes people, culture and management are key factors on how they will succeed in the future. In order to be better equipped to meet tomorrow’s challenges and positioning Compello as a Software As a Service (SaaS) company, Compello makes several changes to the International Leadership Group.
Anne Cathrine Gretland enters the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Anne has long experience from Norwegian and international leadership roles in Microsoft. She has been the director of Microsoft Western Europe Intellectual Property Right and has led several sales departments in Microsoft Norway. Anne Gretland is also co-founder of Oda; A network for women in the IT industry with over 7000 members.

Anne will work closely with Gustav Line (CEO) and be a resource for the three countries Compello is represented in (Norway, Sweden and Germany). Anne will be responsible for projects that span several countries and will ensure that the company follows the strategy and delivers consistent experience to customers and partners across borders. Gretland has previously led the new initiative, (a free app for approval of invoices and documents), and will in future drive operational changes across the entire Compello Group.
Torgeir Letting, who has been Sales Director in Compello AS in recent years, takes over as CEO of the Norwegian part of the company. Torgeir has 10 years of experience in the telecom industry, where he has had roles in the companies BaneTele and Ventelo. Gustav Line, who has served as both CEO of Compello Group and head of the Norwegian unit, will focus on the group in the future, while Torgeir will be in charge of Compello in Norway, in line with the other heads of the country.

“Our customers are our main focus, and by strengthening the Norwegian part of the organization, we will get even better capacity for the Norwegian customers,” says Torgeir Letting, CEO.
Camilla Bakjord becomes an important part of the International Leadership Group and will act as Chief Marketing Officer. Camilla has been working as Marketing Manager in Compello for more than 10 years and has 20 years of extensive marketing, communication and design experience from Compello and other international IT companies.

In recent years, the traditional buying process has changed dramatically. Customers know what they want and they do their own research before they go into a buying process. The customer’s changing purchasing pattern means that access to information from companies is essential. Marketing has thus become a much larger direct sales channel, and will continue to be an increasingly important tool for reaching customers and partners in the future. Compello therefore strengthens the marketing effort across national borders with its own top management CMO.

“The customers are no longer waiting to be called. They know how they search for information and it becomes absolutely essential that we are found when the customer searches for services we deliver, “says CMO, Camilla Bakjord. The smartest place to hide information is on page two on Google, because nobody goes there. We must make sure that we are innovative enough to provide our potential customers with the information they are looking for – and that we are constantly involved in the exponential development in the future, “concludes Bakjord.
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Anne Gretland
COO Compello Group

Torgeir Letting
Managing Director Compello Norway

Camilla Bakjord
CMO Compello Group

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