Compello winner of the ODA Award Organization 2018!

We are very proud of this award

In 2012 we started proactively working to raise the share of women in tech, and this work has generated results!

Through a series of initiatives, both regarding how we work with recruitment and how we communicate internally and externally, we have worked systematically since 2012 to raise the share of women in the company.

Of course, we always try to attract the most skilled candidates on the market and firmly believe that we can reach the best employees when we have a workplace with diversity. Diversity is important not only for our well-being, but also because it creates business value. The result of our systematic efforts is that we now have one of the tech industry’s highest figures in terms of share of women, 40 % in comparison to the 26 % that still is the average in our industry. We also have women represented in all departments, and in both middle and top management level.

The ODA Award Organization is handed out each year to an organization that actively works to increase the proportion of women and works for diversity in the tech industry. The ODA Network is Norway’s leading network of women in tech, with 8000 members from over 500 companies in different industries.
At Compello, we intend to continue the ongoing work on various initiatives, and as an ODA partner. For us it’s important to continue focusing on diversity in an industry with an average as low as 26%

Compello has 40 % women. Here are some of Compello’s female employees gathered for the ODA Inspiration Day 2018 together with CEO, Gustav Line, who was also nominated for the ODA Award Man 2018.


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Compello finalist ODA Award Organization 2018

Our vision and values

«Compello wants to build a good team of women, men, non-binary, with different ages and from different cultural backgrounds. We’ve been working with this for many years and I think that’s why we have today a leading position in digitalization. This award represents the effort made by all the Compello employees who strive for diversity. I would like to express my special thanks to the women at Compello who are such great inspiration to all of us!»

Gustav Line

CEO , Compello Group

«Compello wishes to make a difference, and we have therefor been working systematically with diversity since 2012. It has been a great journey because it has generated results! By giving us this award, ODA shows that you don’t have to be a big player to win. YOu don’t have to be big to make a difference. I hope this inspires other companies to make similar efforts so that we get even more focus on this matter, raising awareness – togheter we can make an even greater difference. Thank you ODA!»

Camilla Bakjord

CMO, Compello Group