Competition for the cleverest will be even tougher – programmers are already more attractive than gold

Programming and coding will now be mandatory at all schools in Bærum in Norway. This gives an opportunity for girls and boys to become more equal when it comes to knowledge and experience about technology. We want to get more young people who did not think programming was something for them and who would think it’s interesting.

Anne Gretland

Anne Gretland, Operational Manager of the Compello Group, believes this is a very good measure. According to a report from Socioeconomic Analysis and Damvad, every fourth ICT position will remain unattended in 2030. As programming now becomes mandatory, many more will discover programming as interesting and choose this as a further career path. And we need more people with IT education at both master and PhD levels, says Gretland.

See article «Programmers are more attractive than gold», 12.10.2017 – Budstikka (only in Norwegian)

In the Compello Group, we are already experiencing increased demand for developers who can show good results within backend .NET development and having good code and architecture understanding. And the need will only increase in the future. If we are to be able to fill the need for programming skills in the years to come, it’s important that more people learn coding already at primary school.

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In Compello, we have set goals and measures for our digital travel. Compello focuses on digitalization, automation and on-cloud services (SaaS). We have understood that most people struggle to keep up with all new words that come at a raging speed and have therefore made a dictionary that gives you a simple explanation of the most important words. What words and expressions do you really need to be able to keep in the digitization debate?

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For Compello, it’s important to be a committed and positive social actor and employer. Digitalization, IT and programming will be part of any industry in the future, with a wide variety of job opportunities. The competition for the good people will only be tougher and therefore it is also important for us to ensure we are a preferred employer.

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