Compello tops the list and delivers the largest number of invoice transactions in Norway

Compello strengthens its position as an electronic transaction provider and now tops the list of Access Point providers processing the highest number of EHF invoices in Norway. With over 750,000 transactions a month, Compello deals with more messages than the giants Evry and Visma, and more than Nets and Basware put together.

Gustav Line, CEO i Compello Group

Picture: Gustav Line, CEO in Compello Group

Norwegian businesses must address the need to digitize and automate paper and processes. There are huge savings in resources to be gained in doing this and it is gratifying to see that more companies are now succeeding in going digital. Compello’s goal is to help Norwegian organizations with the digital shift and it’s fun to top the list of vendors delivering business invoices to companies”, enthuses Compello Group CEO, Gustav Line. Compello has a good position in the Norwegian power market, which is one of the reasons that Compello has been able to increase its volume of transactions. Throughout the last year, invoicing has become an important factor for invoicing in the power industry. EHF (Electronic Trading Format) has become a standard format that is also used for through billing.

Through-billing means that you as a customer can now get a single invoice for power and grid rental.

EHF invoice – number of transactions

At you will find an overview of the number of transactions for EHF Invoice sent over the CEF eDelivery Infrastructure (PEPPOL). Over 40 access points send transactions every month. The transactions, consisting of EHF invoice, order, order confirmation, catalog and the international BIS format, go between Norwegian contractors and their national and international suppliers.

Topper listene - leverer flest fakturatransaksjoner i Norge

Picture/ Source: DIFI 25.09.2017

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