Management change at Compello Germany

Compello GmbH is the German subsidiary of Compello AS and a leading supplier of solutions for electronic data interchange and electronic invoice processing in Germany. On 14th September, the former Head of Consulting & Support and Authorized Officer Andreas Waldbrenner replaced the outgoing Managing Director, Bernhard Geist. At the same time, the long-serving Senior Consultant, Dennis Meichsner and new Sales Director, Jürgen Vollmer were promoted to the management team. We have interviewed of the old and new management team.


Question: Mr Geist, after 3 years as Managing Director of Compello in Ismaning you are now going to devote yourself a new job in your hometown of Mannheim. What did you achieve during your time at Compello?

Bernhard Geist: Compello is a very solid company today, with a lot of satisfied customers and a stable and mature product. over the last two years we have had a success rate of 100 % in our customer projects. This can be achieved only with dedicated employees who bring their experience and expertise to the business processes of our customers. This enables us to meet the requirements of complex projects in the area.

Question: What do you pass to your successor?

Bernhard Geist: We had worked successfully to establish streamlined and effective processes. The recently conducted customer survey for 2016 has, again, confirmed that the customers trust Compello and plan a long-term cooperation. So, I am pleased to be able to pass a well-assorted company to my long-time companion and colleague, Andreas Waldbrenner and the new management team.

The interview follows below the picture.

From Left: The outgoing Managing Director Bernhard Geist, Sales Director Jürgen Vollmer, Head of Consulting & Support Dennis Meichsner, Managing Director Andreas Waldbrenner

From Left: The outgoing Managing Director Bernhard Geist, Sales Director Jürgen Vollmer, Head of Consulting & Support Dennis Meichsner, Managing Director Andreas Waldbrenner.

Question: Mr. Waldbrenner, you have known Compello almost as long as Mr Geist. What are your goals as a new Managing Director of Compello?

Andreas Waldbrenner: For 3 years as an Authorized Officer I have already been involved in figures and business decisions. Therefore, I think it is logical and purposeful to take the helm of Compello GmbH after the resignation of Mr Geist.
However, there will be no radical changes, because we are already on the right track. Nevertheless, we will add more drive to achieve our goals more quickly and safely. It is very important to me that the excellent relationship with our customers remains in focus and we will continue to be perceived, with our new platform, as a reliable and competent business partner.

Question: What are your main future projects?

Andreas Waldbrenner: We will add some functionalities to our product in some places. Business Intelligence, AS4, document management (DMS) as well as things like scalability are the key issues for the immediate future. Furthermore, we will intensify our sales and marketing activities in order to be more clearly and better perceived by the market.

Question: Mr. Meichsner, with 6 years’ experience in Compello, you are an “old hand” in this round and have worked on many different customer projects. What are your plans with your consulting team?

Dennis Meichsner: The recent years have shown the importance of good customer relations for the success of projects. In this respect our consulting team has done a very good job, and this is also reflected in the excellent customer reviews we get. Together with my team I want to keep and expand this close customer relationship, and here my experience with Compello customers over recent years will help.

Question: What does that mean in practical terms?

Dennis Meichsner: For a good working relationship with the customer, it is important that we provide solutions which are tailored to them and their needs. EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) – the exchange of messages between different in-house systems – is becoming increasingly important for many of our customers. Here, are increasing our expertise in order to assist our customers in the best way and to provide a future-proof solution. We will also continue to optimize our internal processes and expand our team to meet growing demands.
In addition, we want to increase our participation in committees, such as EDNA (German Association for Energy), in order to stay on the pulse of the market. Thus, we can recognize market changes early and help to shape the market requirements according to our customers’ needs.

Question: Mr. Vollmer, with many years of sales experience in software and hardware companies, you, as new Sales Director, have a great deal of sales and industry expertise. Where do you think potential of the market lies?

Jürgen Vollmer: As part of the progressive digitization of business processes, our core market will continue to grow strongly. Besides pure EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) functionality, the market is asking for more features such as Business intelligence, DMS, EAI and security. We are covering this demand, with the development of new features and collaboration with specialist suppliers. In this way we can maintain existing customers, expand solutions and, of course, attract new customers with selected partners and direct sales.

Question: How will you make this an opportunity for Compello?

Jürgen Vollmer: We are going to reinforce the sales team, acquire new partners and offer special solutions for various industries. Through a strategic focus of sales activities on a more comprehensive service to our customers, and growth through the expanded product portfolio, we will achieve even better market coverage.

Thank you for the interview.