When it comes to EDI German Online retailer relies on Compello

Leading German online retailer replaces existing EDI converter with a solution by Compello

As part of the Compello Day 2016 in Ismaning, alongside other customers and partners Germany’s leading online retailer presented its software solution by Compello, which has been installed since 2013. The previous EDI converter, which has been running since 1997, no longer fulfilled all requirements.

Now, an EDI and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) application based on Compello EDI Com is used to map internal and external business data processes.

This includes both the exchange of commercial EDIFACT message types – in the area of warehousing and the line of business – as well as the internal communication of different systems through variable format conversions and corresponding routing.
The process control unit Compello EDI Com, for a time- or event-controlled data routing, processes formats of the types EDIFACT, CSV, XML and PDF in all possible variations of the respective source and target files.

Advantage: Direct conversion of standardized EDI formats to XML

As a special advantage, the customer sees here that Compello’s solution is able to convert standardized EDI formats to XML and vice versa, directly.

The conversion tables required for the data routing are created independently by the EDI department of the customer using the graphical mapping software Compello EDI Mapper.

By using the Compello Workflow Designer the primary EDI functionality is extended to an EAI data hub.

In this way, any process changes can be easily configured and quickly inserted at any point in the process chain, which currently comprises 59 workflows, by the customer’s EDI department itself.

Fast implementation of EDI and EAI applications

The Compello system is based on a comprehensive standard software. For this reason, Compello required less than 5 service days for customer-specific adaptation to the complex application scenario.

Likewise, the ongoing operating costs are lower since expenses for updates or upgrades are already included in the scope of the standard software.

Reliable software and competent support

The customer emphasized the high reliability of the Compello application as well as the cooperation and the competency of Compello Support.

For 2017, the online retailer is planning further sales growth and is confident that with the Compello system is well positioned for this.

Customer profile:

Worldwide leading retail group
Sales volume of > 12 billion EUR p.A.

Application profile:

EDI business data and process management with external and internal interfaces and Systems

Performance profile:

  • 650 external partners
  • 13 internal systems
  • 135 mappings
  • 59 workflows
  • 3.5 million documents p.a.