Ready to send data to Elhub? 10 things to think about

Norway stands at a crossroads in the energy industry. In 2013 NVE asked Statnett to establish a datahub which was to encompass all metered data for electricity use in Norway. This comprises the establishment and operation of a permanent service in the energy industry, which is to work as a connection between grid and electricity suppliers. Known as Elhub, this service has as its main objective the creation of a socio-economically efficient data infrastructure for the energy end-user market in Norway.

Elhub will be ready to go live from 23.10.2017.

Compello has dealt with the electronic message exchange for over 20 years. Compello’s solutions have ensured that the energy companies have had full control of internal and external message flow for Norwegian grid and energy companies, so that all transactions have been sent and received in a secure way.

Although the advent of Elhub will, in some areas, greatly simplify message exchange between grid and energy companies, the need for good monitoring and processes will be more important than ever. We have compiled 10 tips to help you ensure a safe and reliable message exchange service for the future.


10 ting du bør tenke på i overgangen til Elhub.

Oddgeir Grevskott, Sales Manager EDI, Compello

1. One contact point for all issues
A single contact point for all monitoring and error handling of your EDI solution gives you security, control and clarity.

2. Establish 24-hour monitoring
Routing messages correctly is vital for meeting Elhub’s delivery conditions. This is something you can achieve with 24-hour monitoring.

3. Expert advice on certification processes
Get assistance and advice on complex and time consuming approval and certification processes, such as EDIEL portal, eSett and Elhub. Carry out tests for all messages relevant to the customer’s role in the market.

4. Ensure god integration routines
Achieve faster time-to-market and a competitive advantage with good integration routines. Get help with integration with other systems and marketing channels, both internal and external.

5. Use validation checks
Use validation checks (for example of qualificator and syntax) to avoid errors.

6. Central message hub
Many need to exchange messages with other systems and markets apart from Elhub. Companies with many roles can now link these to the same EDI platform. This enables internal and external exchange both domestically and internationally. Collecting these elements onto a common platform ensures safe and consistent treatment of all message flows and a common set of rules for following up errors and discrepancies. All in all, increased security, reduced risk.

7. Use systems for alarm and incident management
Reduce the need for time consuming corrections by using systems for alarm and incident management. There are good systems about to facilitate proactive and reactive routines for dealing with discrepancies. An example of this is systems that generate and send warning emails and texts in this situation.

8. Use consultant services when starting in new markets
Reduce costs and achieve faster time-to-market by using consultant services when establishing new markets and regions. These services can deal with creation of IDs outside Norway, certification, authorisation and certificates.

9. A system to grow with
We are now at the point of a Nordic collaboration with Denmark, Sweden and Finland. This means the we are approaching a free energy market in the Nordic countries. Make sure you have a system which will make it easier for you to integrate with new markets. Smart meters mean we will see new solution which connect to the energy industry where the need for data exchange is greater than ever before.

10. Integrate all message exchange in you company into one service
Via one and the same supplier you can get an end-to-end solution for receipt, processing and dispatch of all types of messages. That means fewer supplier to deal with, which in turn leads to a more cost efficient solution.

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