She is one of Norway’s leading IT-women

Anne Gretland, from Compello, is on the prestigious list of Norway’s 50 leading IT women. The award is a collaboration between Abelia (The Norwegian Trade organization Technology and information unit), Oda-Network and Teknisk Ukeblad (Norway’s leading technical magazine) and the purpose is to put the spotlight on women in the IT industry and to showcase hidden talents.

Anne Gretland er kåret til en av de fremste IT-kvinnene i Norge

Anne Gretland is on the prestigious list over Norway’s 50 leading IT women.


Anne Gretland has for the last two years been Director for Public Cloud in Compello. Before that, she spent 16 years in Microsoft where she led several business areas. She is also one of co-founders of the Norwegian IT-network, Oda-Nettverk, which started in 2005. She was the leader of the network from 2007-2017.

Oda-Nettverk has 7000 members from 1200 different companies in the IT industry, which make it one of the Nordic biggest network for women in tech. Every year the Oda prize, an award to highlight the increased share of women in the IT industry, is handed out.

In her job in Compello, she is leading the born in the Cloud initiative The world is in the middle of a digital transformation, and organizations and companies face increasing demand to be in the forefront of the development. With we have invested in being in ahead of the digitalization by investing in an app that makes approval of invoices and documents smarter and easier.  We are using Microsoft Azure and everything is archived in the cloud, and accessible from anywhere, via the smartphone and tablet.

Anne has for the past 15 years worked to increase the  share of women in the IT industry and have mentored several women within the tech industry. In addition, she has been a speaker and advised companies in the IT industry in how to attract more women and to inspire women already in the industry, to stay within the field.

Compello works actively and positively to recruit more women in order to create a diverse working environment with a high proportion of female employees. Read more here.