I mål! Hele selskapet på toppen av Tysklands høyeste fjell Zugspitze (2962 moh)

Reached the top of Germany with a campaign

In our opinion, many small and medium-sized companies struggle for clarity about where they are heading. When they think about it, not every employee knows exactly why they get up in the morning and go to work every day. What is the goal, really? What are we trying to achieve? The same applies companies. There are challenged by the need for clear internal communication.

We have had some experience of this in Compello. We performed an internal survey that showed that employees did not understand the company’s strategy or where we were heading. We felt that a common understanding of these things was a vital to the success of the company and therefore we ran a campaign to try to improve matters. The campaign has resulted in increased job satisfaction for employees, while revenue growth is at an all-time high.

At the beginning of 2016, we launched an internal campaign, “The Compello Challenge”. Both a concept and a journey, focusing on the company’s KPIs, the people of the company that make a difference and the company’s values and vision, The Compello Challenge was a part of clarifying our strategy.

We visualized the journey was visualized as a bus trip through all the cities where we are represented, starting in Sandefjord and aiming ultimately at Zugspitze. In order to reach our goal, we had to deliver on the company’s KPIs. And we did it, so everyone in the organization travelled to the top of Germany’s highest mountain at the weekend of the 25-27th of March to celebrate with a glass of champagne.

We have subsequently completed a new employee survey, which shows that the employees now feel more sure of the company’s strategy. In addition, the last year is one of the years with the greatest growth in Compello’s history. We believe this is a result of the campaign “The Compello Challenge”.

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Compello Challenge Road map Zugspitze

We visualized the journey with a bus tour through all the cities we are represented in.

DRIVE Compello Challenge Zugspitze

We visualized the status of our goals related to the company’s KPIs, which was called DRIVE, using a traffic light.

compello challenge gruppebilde zugspitze

At the goal! The whole company on top of Germany’s highest mountain Zugspitze (2962 MASL)

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