Well-attended breakfast seminar on electronic invoicing

Why should you and your company start to send e-invoices? Karin Wallin from e-fakturabolaget (a collaboration between some of the largest banks in Sweden) started the seminar by talking about the benefits of e-invoicing:

“E-invoice through bank is a safe, simple and a sustainable alternative whether you are sending or receiving e-invoices”.

Some specific benefits of e-invoicing are:

  • Secure distribution
  • Cost Savings
  • Fewer errors
  • Customer Satisfaction

Wallin says that many companies are already discovered the advantage of e-invoicing, and in 2015 it was sent over 100 million e-invoices in Sweden to recipients in the Internet banks. 3.2 million bank customers are already receiving and paying through e-invoices.

26% of the participating banks private online payments was initiated through an e-invoice, and the recipients of e-invoices received an average of 32 e-invoices in 2015. Wallin emphasizes that there is a huge potential to get more people to send and receive e-invoices.

Conny Rexad from Stamford ended the seminar by telling how e-invoicing and the business system Hero works in practice.

“Today many slips are still written on paper for distribution through a postal service. We deliver together with Compello an e-invoice-solution for slips so that property managers can offer their customers electronic invoices that are both climate-smart and easy to manage. ”

The seminar was organized by Compello AB in cooperation with e-fakturabolaget and Stamford in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Karin Wallin from e-fakturabolaget is talking about the benefits of e-invoicing.