Ethics and Social Responsibility in Compello

Ethics and Social Responsibility in Compello

Compello want to be a positive and committed role model in the community, and as an employer. We have therefore partnered with a handful of strategic partners to make sure we maintain high quality and service in our products, as well as making a difference by means of social responsibility and pro bono.






Compello build our products on the Microsoft platform, and deliver Microsoft-related products and services. Compello is committed to providing customers the latest technologies, solutions and services. Compello have chosen to be a certified Microsoft partner, as an independent software vendor and application developer’s hillsides with status as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.





Compello is a member of IAMCP. IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) is the world’s largest community for Microsoft partners. It is a member-driven organization with the aim of improving member enterprise business opportunities and lead a vibrant and constructive dialogue with Microsoft.


Compello fokuserer på miljøet og er miljøsertifisert via Stiftelsen Miljøfyrtårn.





Compello` s solutions help companies reduce paper consumption. The desire to reduce negative impacts on the environment is something that Compello encourage and facilitate. Compello have therefore chosen to get environmental certificated trough the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation, which means that we work systematically with environmental measures in everyday life. Compello was Environmental certified autumn 2012, after the introduction of internal procedures in accordance with the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation criteria. We are still certified today.



Compello works actively to recruit more women to every role in Compello. We want to increase a diverse working environment with a high proportion of female employees. Compello AS have 38% women, which is high above the average in the IT-industry (24%, Norsk Gallup).

Diversity is central to our recruitment processes, and we believe an increased share of women in the workforce, helps create a more creative and including company. A diverse working environment is conducive to both women and men are happier at work. Compello has signed a strategic alliance with Oda-Nettverk, and encourages all women in Compello to attend networking gatherings, and the annual Inspiration day in the spring. Oda-Nettverk is the leading network for women working in ICT, and it facilitates a common meeting ground for women working in the Norwegian IT industry.


Compello støtter Plans arbeid for barn.




Compello has been a Plan sponsor for several years. Compello supports Plan’s work with children, their families and their communities. Plan International is a global development organization, working to give children a better future. Plan operate in 51 developing countries to promote children’s right to health care, education, protection from violence and abuse, and participation. Plan is an independent organization, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations. Compello supports each year, a topical work to help ensure that children can grow up in better conditions.


Print, is an organization established by the Ministry of Education and Research to increase the interest of STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) among the younger generation. gives people with a technical or science background the opportunity to inspire students to choose STEM studies, since not everyone knows what an engineer or developer work with. A Compello employee with a technical or science background are encouraged to register as a role model to motivate and tell about the possibilities by choosing STEM studies. Compello currently have one registered role model in the program.

Tonje Bjørndahl is senior consultant in Compello and a Rolle Modell.

“Today there are so many choices young people must make when it comes to education. I believe it can be useful for the youth to know as much as possible about the options they have. Personally, I am very pleased to be working with both technology, logical thinking, and people. There will be many exciting challenges in technology in the future and therefore also great opportunities to get an exciting workday, by choosing science” says Tonje Bjørndahl, Senior Consultant in Compello.