Reduce costs, increase efficiency, information at your fingertips and help protect the environment with Compello solutions

Reduce costs with Compello

Typically a paper invoice will be copied 3-5 times before it has finally been authorised for payment. Compello’s electronic workflow saves copying costs as there is no need for local hard copies.

Our workflow enables you to distribute invoices electronically anywhere in your organization, so you save postage and transport costs as well.

Compello can send notifications and reminders to your users so they authorise invoices well before the due date. Then you avoid late payment charges.


Increase efficiency with Compello

When you and your staff deal with invoices electronically, the time previously spent distributing, chasing up and locating invoices can be used on other more profitable tasks.

Work with invoices wherever and whenever suits you, whether working from home, visiting clients or travelling. You can also authorise invoices on mobile devices.


Information at your fingertips with Compello

Anyone in your organization can have access to invoices electronically. Nothing gets lost of forgotten in a drawer.

Use Compello to keep you up-to-date with outgoings that have not yet been posted. You stay in control with all the running costs for each period, including those which haven’t yet been signed off. And this gives you better control of your cash flow.

The history of each electronic invoice is saved and updated as it goes though Compello. You can see who is responsible, who has authorised Your auditors have all the information they need for tracking invoices.


Help protect the environment with Compello

No need to waste paper in today’s electronic society. Many pay lip service to saving the environment, but Compello enables you to contribute in a real way. When invoices are accessible to all electronically, the need for paper copies with the necessary storage and protection is dramatically reduced.


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